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Rookie reality TV personality, mom, oldest Culpo sister, and that person you call if you need a great recipe for something or some really unfiltered advice. Welcome to my blog, where I'll share my sources for basically everything and a little BTS of my sometimes messy, never boring life. 

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WELP you all did not hold back or sugarcoat your questions!!! I’m going to do my best without giving anything away!

Where was your brother Pete?

So, during filming of the first episode my brother Pete and his wife had just had their first child and he wasn’t able to come out to LA for my parents 35th wedding anniversary party. He will be in later episodes when we go to Rhode Island though so stay tuned to meet him!

Why the hell would you give your husband a hall pass each year, you idiot!?

OK so this question was to be expected. The 25 year old version of me who made that agreement is not the same person I am today. When I met Mike I had just come off a series of relationships that each ended with the guy cheating. I had zero faith in a man’s ability to be monogamous and I thought that if I gave him a one a year pass that at least there wouldn’t be lying and sneaking. There was also a vague understanding that just being allowed that freedom would make him not need it or want it. Listen, I’m not justifying it. I wanted kids and I loved him and I forced it thinking I wouldn’t care because I’m not a jealous person and it was just sex afterall. Turns out the 33 year old Aurora doesn’t agree with 25 year old Aurora and that’s okay. I have no shame about the messed up thinking of my wounded younger self.

Did you divorce your husband for using his free passes?

No. You will follow this progression but the truth is that I didn’t punish him for using the passes that I granted him. It was my fault for not having higher standards for what I deserved in a partnership.

Are you happy with the edit so far and how you have come across?

While the three of us are executive producers, we didn’t have any say in the edit and its HARD watching yourself on TV!! We went into this experience knowing we would have to be open and there was a level of trust between us and our Showrunner to tell the story authentically and truthfully. It was all real and that’s what I signed up for, so yes I am happy with the portrayal.

We shot the pilot in Oct 2021 and the remaining episodes in March/April 2022 but the pilot was never used and the first episode had mixes of scenes from what was supposed to be the pilot mixed with various days of filming from the Spring. Between October and March, a lot changed, especially in my life and I think I even lost like 10 lbs because of the stress of what was going on in my personal life and it showed. We had to keep our looks consistent throughout the entire 8 months but with the weight loss, breast lift I had in December, and some way too heavy makeup situations, I can see a bunch of inconsistencies. Olivia’s godforsaken hair bob could have had a show of its own. She had to keep trimming it to the same length and at one point had to tuck 4 lbs of hair extensions behind her head and could only look straight to the camera because any turn and you could see the huge bump on the back of her head. She looked like she had a neck injury and a lamp shade for hair.

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I'm Aurora. Welcome to My World. (A Little Messy, But Fun.)

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After having my own children, I took my love for research, analyzing, writing and teaching into the words of social media. Now a days I use my professional skills in a totally different way by digging deep into what makes people tick, connecting with my community and sharing what’s keeping me most sane during these early years of raising babies which is so joyful but so tough at times!



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