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Rookie reality TV personality, mom, oldest Culpo sister, and that person you call if you need a great recipe for something or some really unfiltered advice. Welcome to my blog, where I'll share my sources for basically everything and a little BTS of my sometimes messy, never boring life. 

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Parts of the episode that annoyed me:-I did not love when my mom said that Mikey and I must not have told her we were in couples therapy because we were embarrassed and that she “never had to”  go to therapy because she’s just been “lucky”. Ummmm no mam. Going to therapy is nothing to be embarrassed about and that’s most certainly not why we never mentioned it to her. We never mentioned it to her because of her warped generational mentality that going to therapy must mean something shameful about your relationship. Just because you never went to therapy doesn’t mean you couldn’t have benefited from it!-That stupid shoe storyline really didn’t do much for me but it was authentic and in Sophie and Olivia’s defense, its hard to trump the drama that was going on in my life at that time so it was a cute comic relief I suppose.
 How are you feeling about how everything was portrayed about your relationship?There are two sides to every story and I was only able to share my side to this situation. I wanted to try to respect Mike in the process and I’m not totally sure I accomplished that. He’s not exactly thrilled at me but he’ll get over it. He knew I would be mentioning the whole “one a year” thing on the show so there was no surprise there and during the time of filming he was away alot because we wanted our space but he is in no way an absent father to I do regret if thats how that came off at all. Theres really no villain or victim in my story. Its a very common situation of outgrowing each other and there are no regrets there (besides the expensive wedding!) We are not together anymore and we get along well.How were you able to go through such a hard time while staying strong and keeping a sense of humor?Great support system.Doing healthy activities- getting out in nature, working out a lot, focusing on work, learning how to surfcutting out alcohol!!! This was one of the hardest but best decision. When times get tough theres one of two roads to take and I knew if I was going to actually heal fully I needed to feel all the feelings and work through them the right way. In the beginning I was leaning on wine to numb and it was a slippery slope and was not doing me any favors so I cut it out all together and it gave me more strength than I ever imagined.Reading/listening to books that inspired me and helped me focus on getting mentally and spiritually tough. (linked here).

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I'm Aurora. Welcome to My World. (A Little Messy, But Fun.)

The oldest girl of 5 siblings, my leadership skills are sharp, but some might just call it bossy... I grew up in Rhode Island in a tight Italian family of eccentric classical musicians and restauranteurs. 

After having my own children, I took my love for research, analyzing, writing and teaching into the words of social media. Now a days I use my professional skills in a totally different way by digging deep into what makes people tick, connecting with my community and sharing what’s keeping me most sane during these early years of raising babies which is so joyful but so tough at times!



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My journey of cutting out alcohol has been anything but linear. Read all about the why and the how and what I've been reading about it here.

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